We All Beam is founded by 2 individuals in the mental health and education profession. We are a mental health app for children of all ages and available to everyone in the UK.

No, the App link will be sent to you following the signing of the contract and your agreement to the terms of use.

The App has been designed with users of each interface in mind. In order to create a great user experience, all the artwork and layouts are optimally designed for your target audience.

No, the app is designed to cover the number of students or pupils within your institution.

The different prices are to reflect the fact that some instituions have small numbers, and others extremely large.

The App can be used as many times as you deem fit to accumulate the data you would like to analyse.

Our We All Beam App is responsive right out of the box, unlike similar products on the market, we do not charge exra for this service.

£595 for primary schools, £1292 for secondary schools, £2195 FE College

We are a small independent organisation founded by 2 professionals in education and mental health.

You can go onto our website www.weallbeam.co.uk or contact us directly by email info@weallbeam or call Tel: 0800 489 390

Your subscription is for 12 months

your price includes unlimited users, Cross platform accessibility, 2 step authentication, secure data transfer with group call, Individualised Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) activities, lesson plans and class activities

Yes, you will be invited to join our We All Beam community, we do provide educational workshops, for teachers and pupils and books.

The system uses a 2-step authentication 

Once you have signed up and made payment you will receive a log in for the system and Group Call Xporter. 

The onboarding process provides staff and pupils with training and how to guides to use the system.

The training can be accessed by video guides which you can do at your own pace or the We All Beam team can roll out the training in person