We All Beam is founded by Rachel Glasspool, we are a small independent organisation based in the North East of England. Working with adults and children during Covid Rachel recognised that this tool would be beneficial in any organisation to help identify the mental health issues adults and children were facing and it was important to be able to identify prevention early on and to be able to give solutions to help as soon as possible.

We offer a starter package from as little as £3 per person, we have the ability to tailor packages to meet your organisational needs, we don’t believe in a blanket approach, we understand that we are dealing with real people with real problems. Whether you are a school or an organisation we will have a package to suit your requirements and budget.

Once we have discussed your package then you will receive confirmation by email, this will include your contract, your start and end date, the package you have selected and a summary of what that includes.

We provide two options to set up, we can do it all for you saving you the time or you can opt to do it and we will give you access to our training library.

Our subscriptions start for a minimum of 12 months

Yes, you can make changes to your package at any time and buy optional extras as and when you may need them

Yes, we can cover the role of your HR or management team to monitor all employees and provide the right help quickly and effectively.

If you chose the option for us to run your reporting we can provide anonymous data to our organisation to help you to identify any trends in your individual teams, and provide recommendations to you for support. If you chose your own option then you can create reports to meet your organisational needs.

Our team are always on hand to help, because we don’t have a blanket approach we want you to share with us what you may need. We understand that trends often change across the course of the year, therefore you may need additional support, training or resources during these periods.

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