What We Do

We have created an easy-to-use, digital tool for children and adults to monitor mental health.

With pride, We All Beam are able to provide an easy-to-use tool to help children and adults monitor and measure their mental health and wellbeing. We have made our Web App easy to access, enjoyable and we like to think of it as an app to enable all users to offload their feelings and emotions at regular intervals.

Early Detection

Our App is created by industry experts within the mental health and wellbeing sector. The idea is to catch mental health in the early stages so that an appropiate interventions can take place to get things back on track.

We All Beam App

Our App is an innovative idea designed for users to communicate their true feelings in a confidential way. It allows teachers and senior leaders to identify any issues quickly, implement interventions using activities and lesson plans available in our resource bank.


We will provide a full consultation to identify your requirements to enable us to provide the best solution.

The system can provide instant data and solutions, our focus is prevention we want to help employees with the issues they face and provide early support.


We offer tailored questions to ensure we are targeting the mental health issues students and teachers face.

It provides instant data and solutions, the digital tool enables you to track trends and implement support quickly.

"I Am now noticing the benefits from the Weallbeam App and would like to extend it to the whole school in September. The children have said that they feel less anxious knowing that there is someone to express their feelings to from using the app. When we started WAB we had a lot of children who needed support, this is decreasing resulting in positive wellbeing. I am also grateful for the support you offer. Thank You".
Beamish Primary School
"Rachel is absolutely amazing. She listens to what you’re telling her. She asks the important questions and offers practical solutions to help you be your best self. I couldn’t recommend her more"

Our Aim

We All Beam gives every child and adult the opportunity to say how they feel, understand their mental health, and be given the tools to be able to feel better. We All Beam provides an effective tool to measure and monitor mental health it educates and supports those who need help.

Key Features
Track emotions and behaviours

Here at WeAllBeam we recognise the challenges of working with children and adults to support mental health and wellbeing. At every turn, we face obstacles, triggers and trauma which threaten your wellbeing and outcomes every day.

Offer pupils resources as their needs are identified.

Our WeAllBeam system, with it’s intuitive thresholds is able to prompt and support individuals with intervention to significantly help with the issues they are experiencing.

Identify pupils emotional needs early.

Our WeAllBeam system is designed to support everyone, by giving you the tools to monitor the day-to-day wellbeing of students and employees.

Identify trends easily from filterable student data.

WeAllBeam recognises the range of statutory duties organisations have in relation to data management and data reporting. In response, our system allows for the visualisation and sharing of complex data with ease allowing for immediate strategic responses as a result of trends and patterns.

How We Can Help Your Organisation
We have Tailor made programs for your organisation

Unlimited users for all organisations
Instant data, easy reporting, solutions and prevention
Tailored packages to meet your organisational needs
Our digital tool is available in other languages
Online training and onboarding


In accordance with the General data protection regulation (GDPR) we have implemented policies, procedures and privacy to inform staff and customers of the types of data we process about them. We also include within this notice the basis that permits us to process it, how long we keep data for, and subject rights regarding their data.