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Our Story

We've Built The Ideal Digital Mental Health Tool.

Mental Health is something organisations are taking more and more seriously each year.

The We All Beam team are a team of qualified professionals, who have created an app that enables everyone access to instant easy to understand data which identifies how children and adults feel about any mental health issues they may be experiencing.

We are delighted with our creation, we identified that this web-based app would be really helpful and useful in the early detection and intervention when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

Once any issues are identified our online resources and tailored approach will provide help and support.

Who We Are

I am a qualified psychotherapist.

I am the founder of We All Beam, a psychotherapist who has worked therapeutically with children and adults in organisations and privately for many years. I created this tool to help everyone, to give you the space to share how you feel. It’s so important to focus on prevention so that everyone gets the right help as quickly as possible.

This tool is inclusive for all, there’s no limitation for schools or organisations in terms of user numbers therefore enabling an affordable and accessible tool available in multiple languages.


Our Aim

We All Beam gives every child and adult the opportunity to say how they feel, understand their mental health, and be given the tools to be able to feel better. We All Beam provides an effective tool to measure and monitor mental health it educates and supports those who need help.

Our Values

Our vision for We All Beam is to provide mental health support and education for children and adults  We want to give all individuals a safe confidential space to say how they feel and to talk openly about their mental health.

Our Vision

As an organisation we believe children and adults of all backgrounds and cultures can learn about their mental health and wellbeing giving them the ability to grow and become confident successful individuals.

Finally, giving teachers, senior leaders and professionals the tools to track and monitor the mental health of all pupils and employees, enabling fast supportive action for all.


Unlimited users for all organisations

Our digital tool is available in other languages

Online training and onboarding

Instant data, easy reporting, solutions and prevention

Tailored packages to meet your organisational needs

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