About us

Our Story

We've Built The Ideal Teacher's Mental Health Assessment Tool.

Mental Health is an illness that institutions and businesses are taking more and more seriously each year.

The We All beam team are a team of qualified professionals from the education and mental health sector. We have created an app that enables teachers access to instant easy to understand data which identifies how pupils feel and any mental health issues they may be experiencing.

We are delighted with our creation, we identified that this web-based app would be really helpful and useful in the early detection and intervention when it comes to mental health illness, and wellbeing.

Once any issues are identified our online resources will provide help and support to pupils of all ages.

Who We Are

Rachel is a qualified psychotherapist and has supported children, young people and adults in a range of therapeutic settings.

Rachel has worked across both the primary and secondary sector; educating, supporting and empowering children to learn about mental health, wellbeing and the importance of self-care.


Our Aim

We All Beam gives every child and adult in the UK the opportunity to say how they feel, understand their mental health, and be given the tools to be able to feel better. We All Beam provides an effective tool to measure and monitor mental health it educates and supports those who need help.

Our Values

Our vision for We All Beam is to provide mental health support and education for every individual child.  We want to give all pupils a safe space to say how they feel and to talk openly about their mental health. 

Our Vision

Our community hub will provide resources, supportive activities and lesson plans for all. Alongside educational workshops, CPD and primary school books. 

As an organisaton we believe children of all backgrounds and cultures can learn about their mental health and wellbeing giving them the ability to grow and become confident successful individuals.

Finally, giving teachers, senior leaders and professionals the tools to track and monitor the mental health of all pupils, enabling fast supportive action for all children.

Key Features & Benefits
Track your pupils emotional behaviour easily.

Here at WeAllBeam we recognise the challenges of working with children and young people to support their mental health and wellbeing. At every turn, children and young people face obstacles, triggers and trauma which threaten their wellbeing and outcomes every day of their lives.

Offer pupils resources as their needs are identified.

Our WeAllBeam system, with it’s intuitive thresholds is able to prompt and support teacher-led intervention significantly reducing staff workload and stress.

Identify pupils emotional needs early.

Our WeAllBeam system is designed to support teachers, wider staff and senior management in monitoring the day-to-day wellbeing of their students and school community.

Identify trends easily from filterable student data.

WeAllBeam also recognises the range of statutory duties School’s have in relation to data management and data reporting. In response, our system allows for the visualition and sharing of complex data with ease allowing for immediate strategic responses as a result of trends and patterns.